For Bookers

YourGIGs Mission is to make booking freelance musicians and Phorographgers simple, affordable and ensure your safety when planning your Event. YourGIG acts as the middle party. To help ensure booking safety we recommend to only use YourGIG as a way to communicate until you have booked over YourGIG. In case the Vendor does not fulfil the booking you can Contact YourGIG Support and we can arrange a refund.

Only users that have actually booked the artist can give a review. This secures the validity of the reviews.

Only the vendor can guarantees this. Make sure you check the vendors work and rating on their portfolio before proceeding with a booking.

For Artists/Vendors

No. YourGIG is free under the motto of "No GIG? No Pay!". However in the Future we will take a commission for our services from the bookers. When this happens we will inform you. You will still get payed the same amount of money that you have set in your pricing.

Here you can register as an artist/Vendor

During the Corona Pandemic we disabled the booking feature. We hope to allow bookings again soon. Make sure you turned on discoverability of your portfolio in your portfolio settings. Go to Portfolios

We are developing the platform and expect to welcome photographers by Fall 2021

Go to -> Bookings -> Booking inquiries .From there you can go to the conversation in the messenger and accept, negotiate or decline offers.

If the booker has not filed a complaint we will send the payment 48h after the event/booking has finished. If the booker has filed a complaint you will be informed and YourGIG Support will be in contact with both of you to resolve the situation.

Yes you can create multiple portfolios

Only Users that have booked you can give you a review. Reviewed and verified bookings will lead to a better ranking in the search system.

The following three aspects influence your ranking and discoverability:

  • The amount of Bookings on YourGIG
  • Your Service Radius ( the bigger the more people will see you)
  • Good reviews will lead to a higher ranking in the YourGIG search

For each Portfolio the payment details can be entered separately. To change them please navigate to your Portfolio Settings. You can edit the Banking details of your Vendor Profile under the "Pricing and Billing style" section